Thursday, 10 May 2012

My crochet cotton creations

I love working with cotton. The stitches I feel look different, more textured. I love everything I have made this week using cotton. If you would like me to write up the patterns for the face cloths and the ring please leave a comment. 

To start I made these lovely face cloths. I love how they look. The are beautiful. 

IMAG3824IMAG3823IMAG3825I love this ring. It is beautiful.My crochet rose ringMy crochet rose ringCrochet cotton face clothsCrochet cotton face clothsCrochet cotton face clothsIMAG3793

Cotton face cloths IMAG3826IMAG3827

This placemat was made using the v-stitch and single crochet boarder.

Here is this weeks 'fresh off tha hook' video. Enjoy! x

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